April 21, 2024

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❝Since that first release, Light In The Attic has proven that its company mission is simple: put out great music, wherever it may be found, however it may sound. It's this dedication to music―first and foremost―that has created a diverse and respected catalog of releases. In addition to its own catalog, LITA also distributes over 50 excellent labels and has grown to be a truly well-curated machine, selling direct to hundreds of record stores and retailers around the globe. ❞ lightintheattic.net

Jerry on 2024-04-20

Death Stranding: Songs From The Video Game ships from Mondo

Death Stranding: Songs From The Video Game ships on three analog records from record label Mondo in Austin and distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Jerry on 2024-04-11

Trombone Champ Vinyl Soundtrack published by iam8bit

Record label iam8bit opens and distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle open preorders for Trombone Champ Vinyl Soundtrack.

Jerry on 2024-04-05

Tekken 8 Vinyl Soundtrack preorders open at Laced Records

Published by Bandai Namco, Tekken 8 Original Soundtrack ships domestically from distributor Play-Asia, pressed on four compact discs.

Jerry on 2024-04-04

Hades vinyl soundtrack reprint ships on four analog records

Composed by Darren Korb, Supergiant Games' Hades four-disc vinyl soundtrack reprint ships from publisher iam8bit.

Jerry on 2024-04-03

Cassetron publishes Tail of the Sun vinyl soundtrack in Japan

Record label Cassetron presses vinyl soundtrack for Tail of the Sun, featuring music from the Artdink-developed action role-playing game.

Jerry on 2024-03-28

Monster Hunter: World vinyl soundtrack preorders open at Laced

Laced Records of London opens preorders for Monster Hunter: World vinyl soundtrack, pressed on six analog records.

Jerry on 2024-03-27

Persona 3 Reload Original Soundtrack EP streaming on Apple Music

Preorders have opened at iam8bit for the Persona 3 Reload Vinyl Soundtrack by Atlus Sound Team, shipping on four analog records.

Jerry on 2024-03-27

iam8bit presses The Stanley Parable soundtrack on vinyl

Record label iam8bit presses The Stanley Parable soundtrack on vinyl, composed by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra and Yiannis Ioannides.

Jerry on 2024-03-21

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice vinyl soundtrack reprinted by Laced

Laced Records of London opens preorders for SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice vinyl soundtrack by Yuka Kitamura and Noriyuki Asakura.

Jerry on 2024-03-21

iam8bit presses Vampire Survivors Vol.1 double vinyl soundtrack

Record label iam8bit opens orders for Vampire Survivors Vol.1 double vinyl soundtrack album, composed by Daniele Zandara and Will Davies.

Jerry on 2024-03-19

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy joins PlayStation Plus Classics

Laced Records' six-disc Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set features music from six mainline series installments.

Jerry on 2024-03-06

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut arrives in May on Steam and Epic Games

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut for Windows includes the Iki Island and Legends content, debuts in May via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Jerry on 2024-03-01

Preorders open for Ultros Vinyl Soundtrack composed by Ratvader

Exploration-based sidescrolling adventure game Ultros, developed by Hadoque, features El Huervo art and music by Ratvader.

Jerry on 2024-03-01

Bandai Namco publishes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 digital soundtracks

Laced Records opens preorders for four-disc Tekken Tag Tournament 2 vinyl soundtrack album, estimated to ship in June of 2022.

Jerry on 2024-03-01

The Last of Us Vinyl Box Set planned for release in June

Preorders open for "The Last of Us 10th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set" by Gustavo Santaolalla at Milan Records and the PlayStation Gear Store.

Jerry on 2024-02-29

Skull and Bones vinyl soundtrack published by Laced Records

Ubisoft Music publishes Skull and Bones Original Game Soundtrack through Spotify, featuring music composed by Tom Holkenborg.

Jerry on 2024-02-28

Kung Fu brawler Sifu joins PlayStation Plus monthly games of March

Cinematic Kung Fu brawler Sifu by Parisian developer Sloclap joins the lineup of PlayStation Plus Monthly Games, starting March 5th.

Jerry on 2024-02-25

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa score featured in Music From Konami Antiques

"Music From Konami Antiques" Vinyl Vol.13 scheduled for release on March 27th in Japan, shipping domestically from Light in the Attic.

Jerry on 2024-02-20

Esper Dream 1&2 soundtracks bundled in Konami Antques Vinyl Vol.9

Esper Dream 1&2 soundtracks will be bundled in "Music in Konami Antiques" Vinyl Vol.9, shipping via Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Jerry on 2024-02-10

Lagrange Point score included in Famicom Antiques Vinyl Vol.8

Lagrange Point and Falsion Nintendo Famicom soundtracks included in "Music From Famicom Antiques" Vinyl Vol.8.

Jerry on 2024-02-09

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty vinyl preorders open at Milan Records

Phantom Liberty expansion's Original Score, 89.7 Growl FM and 107.5 Darkstar Radio compilations streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2024-02-08

Outer Wilds vinyl soundtrack reprint orders open at iam8bit

Record label iam8bit reprints the two-disc vinyl soundtrack "Signals From The Outer Wilds," composed by Andrew Prahlow.

Jerry on 2024-02-01

Death Stranding original score on vinyl reprinted by Mondo

Austin-based publisher Mondo restocks original score for Death Stranding on three analog records, featuring music by Ludvig Forssell.

Jerry on 2024-01-26

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection soundtrack published through Spotify

London-based publisher presses triple vinyl soundtrack featuring music from Tekken 5 and the Dark Resurrection update.

Jerry on 2024-01-24

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration vinyl pressed by Microids Records

Microids Records of France will publish the Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration compilation, pressed on gold-colored vinyl.