Citizen Sleeper soundtrack by Amos Roddy published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-08-09
"Episode: FLUX," the first free downloadable contents release for Citizen Sleeper, launched earlier this week. The narrative-driven science fiction title takes place on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station.

Music for the game is by Amos Roddy. The 23-track album is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited, sporting cover art by Guillaume Singelin and Gareth Damian Martin. The Citizen Sleeper digital soundtrack is available for purchase through Bandcamp, the Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam.

Further episodes will expand upon the wider narrative of the Helion System, depicted in the independently developed title by In Other Waters developer Jump Over The Age. The composer's Soundtrack Retrospective from the Save&Sound 2022 online event can be viewed on YouTube, accompanied by a video sequence assembled by Gareth Damian Martin.

From the product page:
In FLUX - the first of three new free DLC episodes for Citizen Sleeper - pressures in the Helion system have brought the first ships of a refugee flotilla to the Eye. You will meet and help those that get on-station before the quarantine locks them out.

These episodes will tell a continuing story, expanding upon the wider narrative of the Helion System, the star system in which the Eye orbits. Each episode will also introduce new characters.
YouTube Music - Citizen Sleeper (Original Soundtrack)

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