Preorders open for Sea of Thieves triple vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-06-05
The Sea of Thieves triple vinyl soundtrack is available for preorder through publisher iam8bit. Preorders are also available through European distributors Black Screen Records in Germany and HighScore Records in France.

Music from Rare's first-person action-adventure game is by Jet Force Gemini co-composer Robin Beanland. Album art is by Haley bbanditt Wakefield and mastering for vinyl by Townsend Mastering. The three-disc vinyl release includes a 24-page storybook illustrated by Vivian Shih, with shipping estimated for late October.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows and Xbox One, while the Xbox Series X|S port is due out November 10. Excerpts from the game score are streaming on the composer's SoundCloud channel

From the product page:
Since its debut in 2018, Sea of Thieves has become as mighty as a thousand galleons traversing the treacherous sea – and we thought it only appropriate to create a vinyl soundtrack worthy of such a voyage. From sweeping orchestral epicness to jauntily infectious sea shanties, featuring composer Robin Beanland’s favorite instrument, hurdy-gurdy, this 3xLP contains enough music for a lifetime. Across an illustrated, 24-page storybook bound into the gatefold jacket, you’ll discover lots of exclusive lore thought once lost to the depths of the ocean.
iam8bit - Sea of Thieves 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

Black Screen Records - Sea of Thieves (Original Soundtrack) by Robin Beanland

HighScore Records - Sea of Thieves 3XLP Tropical Island Colored Vinyl