Preorders open for Sea of Thieves triple vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-06-05
The Sea of Thieves triple vinyl soundtrack is available for preorder through publisher iam8bit. Music from Rare's first-person action-adventure game is by Jet Force Gemini co-composer Robin Beanland.

Album art is by Haley bbanditt Wakefield and mastering for vinyl by Townsend Mastering. The three-disc vinyl release includes a 24-page storybook illustrated by Vivian Shih, with shipping estimated for late October.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows and Xbox One, while the Xbox Series X|S port is due out November 10. Excerpts from the game score are streaming on the composer's SoundCloud channel

From the product page:
Since its debut in 2018, Sea of Thieves has become as mighty as a thousand galleons traversing the treacherous sea – and we thought it only appropriate to create a vinyl soundtrack worthy of such a voyage. From sweeping orchestral epicness to jauntily infectious sea shanties, featuring composer Robin Beanland’s favorite instrument, hurdy-gurdy, this 3xLP contains enough music for a lifetime. Across an illustrated, 24-page storybook bound into the gatefold jacket, you’ll discover lots of exclusive lore thought once lost to the depths of the ocean.
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