December 09, 2022

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❝Composer & Music Director for video games company @RareLtd. Currently scoring the soundtracks for Sea of Thieves & Everwild.❞

Jerry on 2022-10-28

Killer Instinct arcade release commemorates 28th anniversary

An expanded digital port, "Killer Instinct Classic," is bundled with the "Ultra Edition" of the Killer Instinct 2013 reboot for Xbox One.

Jerry on 2021-10-12

Fangamer publishes Jet Force Gemini double vinyl soundtrack

Fangamer publishes two-disc Jet Force Gemini vinyl soundtrack album, composed in 1999 for Rare's Nintendo 64 title.

Jerry on 2021-06-05

Preorders open for Sea of Thieves triple vinyl soundtrack

Sea of Thieves vinyl soundtrack preorders open on publisher iam8bit and Europeans distributor Black Screen Records and HighScore Records.