Starward Industries' The Invincible vinyl soundtrack preorders open

Jerry on 2023-12-08
Record label Black Screen Records has opened preorders for The Invincible vinyl soundtrack, featuring music from developer Starward Industries' first-person science fiction title. The 180-gram black vinyl release also ships from distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Inspired by Stanisław Lem's hard science fiction novel of the same name, first published in 1964, the story unfolds in a retro-future timeline. The player takes on the role of astrobiologist Yasna on a search mission for lost crewmates. Starward is utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to depict the exploration of the bleak terrain on the surface of the planet Regis III.

The thirteen-track digital soundtrack album, composed by Layers of Fear 2 sound designer Bruno Lubas, is now available through the musician's Bandcamp page, along with Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Mastering is by Maciej Zeman, with piano by Julia Ulman and trumpet by Paweł Gawryłowicz.

The Invincible is currently available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The Windows edition is on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store, verified for use with the Steam Deck. The soundtrack is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, courtesy of record label Black Screen Records.

From the product page:
You are a highly qualified, sharp-witted astrobiologist named Yasna. Being entangled in a space race, you and your crew end up on the unexplored planet Regis III. The scientific journey quickly turns into a search mission for lost crewmates. Follow its trail, but be fully aware that every decision you make can bring you closer to danger.

Uncover mind-boggling scientific phenomena in a cosmic, philosophical adventure set within eerie landscapes. Discover fragments of what’s lost and report to your Astrogator, let his voice aid you in hard times.
Black Screen Records - The Invincible Vinyl Soundtrack

Light in the Attic - The Invincible Vinyl Soundtrack

Apple Music - The Invincible Original Game Soundtrack