Preorders open for Ultros Vinyl Soundtrack composed by Ratvader

Jerry on 2024-03-01
Laced Records of London has opened preorders for the Ultros deluxe double vinyl soundtrack. The two-disc analog record release also ships from distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Ultros: Deluxe Edition by Swedish developer Hadoque launched in February, bundled with the sidescrolling adventure game's digital artbook and soundtrack. Hadoque's debut title features art by Hotline Miami illustrator El Huervo art and music by The Gunk composer Ratvader. The 24-track score is published through Bandcamp, and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Shrouded in mystery, the exploration-based science fiction title centers on protagonist Ouji after her space vessel crashes on the giant sarcophagus of a deadly entity known as Ultros. A looping gameplay mechanic challenges the player to multiple runs, uncovering secrets and unlocking abilities by way of a branching skill-tree.

Preview tracks "Vainglory" and " Ouji Saint" are streaming on Spotify. Game design director Mårten Brüggemann joined the official PlayStation Blog to introduce the independently developed title.

Describing the music score, he says "Ultros is intentionally orchestrated with a beautiful, emotional, symphonic soundscape, breaking traditions of sci-fi’s mostly using classic synthesizers, as we instead draw inspiration from, and record, analog instruments, including the cello, viola, violin, ands pump organs. We travelled to Peru and the Amazons to record sounds of nature, classical instruments, and other sound-making tools from Peru’s rich history."

Sound design is contributed by Niklas Ström and Wavetale composer Joel Bille, with vocal performance by Anna-Maria Lundberg from the band KÅRP, and mastering by Kim Ruiz. Ultros is available for Windows and Mac operating systems through Steam and the Epic Game Store, along with PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

From the product page:
Enhance your somatic sensory input with the Ultros: Deluxe Edition – including the Ultros Digital Artbook, showcasing the psychedelic world through never-before-seen imagery from the visionary El Huervo, and the Ultros Original Soundtrack, blending Peruvian instruments with classic orchestral themes, lovingly orchestrated by Oscar “Ratvader” Rydelius.
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