February 24, 2024

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Jerry on 2024-01-25

Preorders open for Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn Collector's Edition

Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam features music by composer Iku Mizutani.

Jerry on 2024-01-25

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy release trailer premieres

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy features include the Orchestra Hall music player, loaded with a total of 175 music tracks.

Jerry on 2024-01-24

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration vinyl pressed by Microids Records

Microids Records of France will publish the Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration compilation, pressed on gold-colored vinyl.

Jerry on 2024-01-23

The Legend of Steel Empire published for Nintendo Switch

Steampunk-themed shoot-em-up Steel Empire depicts a fantasy vision of the 19th century dominated by limitless steam engine technology.

Jerry on 2024-01-22

Umihara Kawase BaZooKa & Fresh Original Soundtrack announced

Publisher City Connection announces Umihara Kawase BaZooKa & Umihara Kawase Fresh Original Soundtrack, pressed on two compact discs.

Britt on 2024-01-18

Sea of Stars vinyl soundtrack preorders open at iam8bit

Sabotage Studio's Sea of Stars features music by Eric W. Brown, along with contributions by guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Jerry on 2024-01-18

Hamster publishes Arcade Archives Super Contra for Switch & PS4

Hamster Corporation publishes old school run-and-gun title Arcade Archives Super Contra for Nintendo Switch and PS4 consoles.

Jerry on 2024-01-17

Ace Combat 7 Deluxe Edition arrives on Nintendo Switch in July

Ace Combat 7 Original Soundtrack album now available for streaming on Spotify, published by Bandai Namco Game Music.

Jerry on 2024-01-16

Resident Evil 2 (2019) joins PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Resident Evil 2 (2019), developed by Capcom, joins Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, featuring music by Shusaku Uchiyama.

Jerry on 2024-01-16

Legend of Mana Remastered joins PlayStation Plus Premium catalog

Legend of Mana Remastered allows for playback of the PlayStation soundtrack by composer Yoko Shimomura or newly arrangemed tracks.

Jerry on 2024-01-14

Bully Original Soundtrack by Shawn Lee now playing on Spotify

Bully Original Soundtrack, composed by Shawn Lee for the third-person action-adventure game by Rockstar Vancouver, now playing on Spotify.

Jerry on 2024-01-13

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Taito's enhanced port Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours soundtrack album composed by Zuntata streaming on Apple Music.

Jerry on 2024-01-12

Preorders open for Street Fighter 6 Original Soundtrack: Collector’s Vinyl

Milan Records opens preorders for the Street Fighter 6 Original Soundtrack: Collector’s Edition Vinyl, shipping on four analog records.

Jerry on 2024-01-12

Bandai Namco publishes Tekken 7 Original Soundtrack Vol.2

Tekken 7 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1&2 streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, courtesy of publisher Bandai Namco Game Music.

Jerry on 2024-01-11

Ubisoft publishes Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown soundtrack

Label Ubisoft Music publishes Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Original Game Soundtrack by Gareth Coker and Mentrix, streaming on YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2024-01-07

Top Racer Collection slated for release on March 7th

Top Racer Collection slated for release in March, remastering Super Nintendo titles Top Gear, Top Gear 2, and Top Gear 3000.

Jerry on 2024-01-04

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy free this week on the Epic Games Store

"Guardians of the Galaxy: Welcome to Knowhere" EP streaming on Spotify, featuring music composed by Richard Jacques.

Jerry on 2024-01-01

Escape Academy for Windows free today on the Epic Games Store

Escape Academy Original Soundtrack by Sludge Life series composer Doseone published through Bandcamp and Steam.

Britt on 2023-12-31

Ghostrunner for Windows free today on the Epic Games Store

Ghostrunner digital soundtrack by Copenhagen-based music producer Daniel Deluxe available through the composer's Bandcamp page.

Jerry on 2023-12-29

Preorders open for Armored Core VI soundtrack, pressed on compact disc

Bandai Namco's 47-track soundtrack now playing on Spotify, composed by Kota Hoshino, Takashi Onodera, and Shoi Miyazawa.

Britt on 2023-12-22

Holiday Special Spotlight video for The Plucky Squire premieres

The Plucky Squire is an upcoming platformer with both 2D and 3D segments that follows the magical adventures of storybook characters.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

City Connection announces Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn Tribute

Publisher City Connection has announced Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn Tribute, scheduled for release on April 25th in Japan.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

Best Lap playlists by Gran Turismo Sound Team on streaming platforms

Find Your Line: Official Music from Gran Turismo 7 published by Sony, streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

Oxenfree II lofi hip hop beats and portals streaming on YouTube

Soundtrack by scntfc from graphic adventure game Oxenfree II: Lost Signals by developer Night School Studio on Bandcamp.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

Patapon 2 Original Soundtrack now playing on Spotify

Patapon 2 Original Soundtrack by Kemmei Adachi streaming on Spotify, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.