July 22, 2024
Jerry on 2010-11-20

Arc the Lad Soundtrack Complete streaming on Spotify

Arc the Lad Soundtrack Complete bundles the music scores from Arc the Lad and Arc the Lad II, available for streaming through Spotify.

Jerry on 2010-07-23

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia score rhapsodizes on streaming services

A decade after its publication, the soundtrack to the final Nintendo DS Castlevania title, starring Shanoa, available through streaming platforms.

Jerry on 2010-05-27

Chill SQ a relaxing collection of role-playing game themes

The second installment in Square Enix's "SQ" series of cover albums includes laid back electronic and acoustic arrangements of role-playing game themes.

Jerry on 2010-04-21

Mega Man 10 Sound Collection published through Steam

Sound Collection album from Capcom's Famicom-styled platformer Mega Man 10 published digitally through Steam.

Jerry on 2010-01-28

W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII vinyl reprinted for 10-year anniversary

Vinyl record "W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII" reissued for 10-year anniversary of the series, composed and produced by Masashi Hamauzu.

Jerry on 2010-01-22

Keiki Kobayashi's Orchestral Ace Combat Takes Flight

Ace Combat series composer Keiki Kobayashi discusses his approach to musical scores, adapting in-game themes for concert performances.

Jerry on 2009-10-27

Love SQ the first installment in Square Enix's SQ album series

Love SQ a collection of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy series arrangements by Japanese pop musicians.

Jerry on 2009-06-21

Persona Music Live: Velvet Room in Akasaka Blitz pressed to DVD

Aniplex's DVD collects video recordings from the August 2008 Persona live concert "Velvet Room in Akasaka Blitz."

Jerry on 2009-06-10

Reach Out to the Truth - The Story of Persona 4's Vocal Tracks

Composer Shoji Meguro comments on how scenario and gameplay influenced the creation of the Persona 4 music score's vocal tracks.

Jerry on 2009-04-15

Masahiro Sakurai and Kenji Ito reminisce at Gentle Echo Meeting

Game designer Masahiro Sakurai and Romancing SaGa series composer Kenji Ito discuss game development at the Gentle Echo Meeting concert.

Jerry on 2009-04-06

Castlevania Judgment: Traversing the Musical Timeline

In this audio interview, we hear from Yasushi Asada on the making of the soundtrack from fighting game Castlevania: Judgment.

Jerry on 2009-02-23

Noriyuki Asakura on the Music Of The Tenchu Series

Developer Acquire's Tenchu 4 for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable marks a return to the stealth gameplay conventions of the original.

Jerry on 2009-01-26

Inside Joe Down Studio's Labyrinth of Forgotten Time

Now that the chocobo has its own franchise, the responsibility of scoring the music has been taken up by Joe Down Studio of Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Jerry on 2009-01-14

Castlevania Judgment digital soundtrack battles onto Spotify

Arranged by Yasushi Asada, the 26-track soundtrack for Konami's Nintendo Wii fighting game Castlevania Judgment available for streaming through Spotify.

Jerry on 2008-08-17

SIREN Q&A: Hitomi Shimizu on New Translation

Siren centers on a small group of visitors who voyage to the isolated region of Hanuda to discover a mysterious cult, bizarre rituals, unspeakable horrors.