Ace Combat 2 music playlist posted to Ace Combat YouTube channel

Jerry on 2022-05-31
Namco Bandai has updated the Ace Combat YouTube channel by adding a half-hour Ace Combat 2 music playlist, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the aerial combat series.

The YouTube video features memorable themes from Ace Combat 2, including "Lightning Speed" by Nobuhide Isayama, "Fire Away" by Kohta Takahashi, "Elemental Particle" by Hiroshi Okubo. In 2011, Namco Bandai published a remake for the Nintendo 3DS console, titled Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

Namco Sounds' "Ace Combat, Vol. 2" music score from the PlayStation title is available for streaming through Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited subscription services. The 43-track album includes seven themes composed by Go Shiina and Inon Zur from the PlayStation Portable title Ace Combat: Joint Assault, published in 2010.

Namco Bandai - Ace Combat 25th Anniversary Website