Rival Turf! Super Nintendo soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2022-05-28
Super Nintendo beat-em-up Rival Turf! was added this week to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Clarice Disc's 17-track digital soundtrack, composed by Yasuhiko Takashiba and Atsuyoshi Isemura, is available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Turf (1992) is the first installment in developer Jaleco's "Rushing Beat" trilogy, preceding Brawl Brothers (1993) and The Peace Keepers (1994). The Clarice Disc record label in Japan published the "SUPER Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO" compilation on four compact discs in March of 2015, including the Rival Turf! score.

Other Super Nintendo titles featured in the SUPER Rom Cassette Disc compilation include Nintendo Switch Online library titles Brawl Brothers, The Peace Keepers, Operation Logic Bomb, Tuff E Nuff, SUPER E.D.F., and The Ignition Factor.

Amazon Japan - Super Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO

YouTube Music - Rival Turf! digital soundtrack