Preorders open for Heroes of Might and Magic III vinyl reprint

Jerry on 2022-05-25
Gamemusic Records has published the second pressing of the Heroes of Might and Magic III double vinyl soundtrack. The two-disc analog record set ships from Plastic Stone in Europe.

Composed by Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the score for the turn-based strategy game subtitled "The Restoration of Erathia" debuted in 1999. "Erathia" was followed by expansions "Armageddon's Blade" and "The Shadow of Death." Ubisoft published a high-definition edition with widescreen support in 2015 for Steam and smartphones.

Featuring art by Magdalena Katańska, the 180-gram vinyl release has been carefully remastered by King and sound engineer Matthias Adloff. Music tracks have been renamed by the composers to avoid using placeholder titles. Among disc color variants, options for white, tan, teal, purple or orange can be selected upon checkout.

The classic edition of Heroes of Might and Magic III for Windows, including both expansions, can be purchased on GOG and comes bundled with the digital soundtrack album.

From the product page:
Gamemusic Records previously released the Heroes Piano Sonatas, a live album with arrangements of music from the Heroes of Might & Magic series, which is now a prized collector’s item among fans. The label also has two editions of the critically acclaimed Frostpunk Original Soundtrack vinyl in its portfolio, as well as the atmospheric Kholat OST. Each of those albums was very well received by gamers and audiophiles alike. is the official media patron of this release, offering fans the opportunity to play the classic game.
Plastic Stone Records - Heroes of Might & Magic III – 2nd edition vinyl

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