Furi double vinyl soundtrack restocked at G4F Records

Jerry on 2021-07-01
Developer The Game Bakers' pink and blue double vinyl soundtrack for Furi is back in stock at G4F Records in France. The analog record release is also scheduled to ship from Black Screen Records in Germany in November.

The boss battle-based combat action game for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows is by the developer of Squids Odyssey. Complementing the retro-science fiction setting, the music score features electro and synthwave tracks by Carpenter Brut, Danger, Kn1ght, Lorn, Scattle, The Toxic Avenger and Waveshaper.

The 22-track Furi digital soundtrack is available for purchase through Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify. Excerpts are on the G4F Records YouTube channel.

From the Steam product page:
Fight your way free in our frenzied all-boss fighter, and discover what’s waiting behind the last gate. Furi is all about the tension of one-on-one fights against deadly adversaries. It’s an intense, ultra-responsive game with a unique mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting.
G4F Records - Furi – Vinyl Edition

Black Screen Records - Furi – Vinyl Edition