Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set published by Fangamer

Jerry on 2022-06-07
The four-disc Banjo-Tooie vinyl soundtrack box set ships via publisher Fangamer in Tucson, alongside the Banjo-Kazooie vinyl reprint.

Rare's single-player 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64 console arrived in 2000, starring bear Banjo and supporting character Kazooie. The sequel tasks the duo with thwarting the sinister machinations of the witch Gruntilda and her two sisters. Fangamer's 46-track album is curated by Rare and composer Grant Kirkhope, featuring original art by Andrew Kolb.

The vinyl soundtrack also ships from distributors Fangamer Europe and PixelCrib in Australia. Banjo-Tooie is included in the Rare Replay game compilation for Xbox One. "Mr. Patch" is featured on the Rare All-Stars 35th Anniversary Collection album.

From the product page:
The Banjo-Tooie soundtrack is finally available on vinyl in a beautiful package from Fangamer and Rare. 46 tracks curated by Rare and composer Grant Kirkhope. Original art by Andrew Kolb. Four records collected in one sturdy slipcase. Double-sided insert with liner notes from Grant Kirkhope.
Fangamer - Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

Fangamer Europe - Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

PixelCrib - Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Soundtrack