April 21, 2024

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Jerry on 2023-12-21

City Connection announces Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn Tribute

Publisher City Connection has announced Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn Tribute, scheduled for release on April 25th in Japan.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

Oxenfree II lofi hip hop beats and portals streaming on YouTube

Soundtrack by scntfc from graphic adventure game Oxenfree II: Lost Signals by developer Night School Studio on Bandcamp.

Jerry on 2023-12-21

Salt and Sacrifice joins PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Developed by Ska Studios, sprite-based Soulslike Salt and Sacrifice for PS4 and PlayStation 5 joins PlayStation Plus Extra catalog.

Jerry on 2023-12-20

Samba de Amigo: Party Central Original Songs Collection on Spotify

Sega's motion-based maracas rhythm game available for Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and Meta Quest, featuring music by Naofumi Hataya.

Jerry on 2023-12-20

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron ported to Nintendo Switch

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch slated for release on April 28th of 2024 in Japan.

Jerry on 2023-12-19

Mega Man 11 beams onto PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Composer Marika Suzuki's Mega Man 11 soundtrack streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, featuring cover art by Ryuji Higurashi.

Jerry on 2023-12-18

Environmental strategy game Terra Nil ported to Nintendo Switch

Developed by Free Lives, environmental strategy game Terra Nil for Nintendo Switch launches, with ambient music by composer Meydän.

Jerry on 2023-12-14

Persona 3 Portable vinyl soundtrack preorders open at iam8bit

Record label iam8bit opens preorders for the Persona 3 Portable vinyl soundtrack, planned for shipping in the second quarter of 2024.

Jerry on 2023-12-13

Flashback 2 Original Game Soundtrack Vol.1&2 streaming on Spotify

Thirty years after the release of 1992's Flashback: The Quest for Identity, Microids' direct sequel launches for Windows and consoles.

Jerry on 2023-12-07

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined ported to Xbox Series X|S consoles

Tengo Project installment Pocky & Rocky Reshrined by Natsume Atari features music by series composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.

Jerry on 2023-12-07

Clockwork Aquario ported to Xbox One and Series X|S consoles

Three decades after development began, long lost arcade platformer Clockwork Aquario arrives on Xbox One and Series X|S consoles.

Jerry on 2023-12-07

Irem Collection Volume 1 arrives on Xbox One & Series X|S consoles

Irem Collection Volume 1 Collector's Edition ships from Strictly Limited with Image Fight, Image Fight 2, and X Multiply soundtrack CD.

Jerry on 2023-12-04

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code score ships on compact disc

"Noise of Neon" Master Detective Archives: Rain Code soundtrack album, composed by Masafumi Takada, ships from CDJapan.

Jerry on 2023-11-30

Kaze and the Wild Masks arrives on Epic Games Store

Kaze and the Wild Masks by PixelHive arrives on the Epic Games Store, alongside Soundtrack Bundle composed by Paulo Bohrer.

Jerry on 2023-11-30

NightDive Studios' Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered launches

NightDive Studios' Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered launches, featuring music score composed by Nelson Everhart.

Jerry on 2023-11-22

Jet Force Gemini joins Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Rare's single-player Nintendo 64 platformer Jet Force Gemini joins the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack in December.

Jerry on 2023-11-21

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series joins PlayStation Plus Premium catalog

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Special Bundle App for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam includes 143-track music player.

Jerry on 2023-11-17

Persona 5 Tactica Original Soundtrack published through Apple Music

Persona 5 Tactica Original Soundtrack ships domestically on five compact discs from distributors CDJapan and Play-Asia.

Jerry on 2023-11-17

Super Mario RPG remake launch trailer premieres

Launch trailer for Nintendo Switch turn-based role-playing game Super Mario RPG premieres, with music by Yoko Shimomura.

Jerry on 2023-11-16

The King of Fighters XIII Global Match Deluxe Edition launches

The King of Fighters XIII Global Match Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 bundled with digital soundtrack and artbook.

Jerry on 2023-11-15

Air Twister Collector's Edition preorders open at Strictly Limited

Strictly Limited opens preorders for Yu Suzuki's 3D shoot-em-up Air Twister Collector's Edition for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Jerry on 2023-11-14

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch launch trailer premieres

Published by WaterTower Music, "Hogwarts Legacy: Music from the Video Game Soundtrack" now playing on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2023-11-09

Braid, Anniversary Edition slated for release in April of 2024

Licensed music from Jonathan Blow's independently developed puzzle platformer Braid streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2023-11-09

Arc System Works publishes Double Dragon Collection for Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works published Double Dragon Collection as a physical Nintendo Switch cartridge, available in Asian territories.

Jerry on 2023-11-02

Alien Hominid Invasion soundtrack debuts on Bandcamp

Alien Hominid Invasion soundtrack album debuts, hosted on BattleBlock Theater composer Patric Catani's Bandcamp page.