Selections from the Turbo Overkill Game Soundtrack on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-08-12
Cyberpunk first-person shooter Turbo Overkill launched for Windows through Steam earlier this week, published by Apogee Entertainment. Developed by Trigger Happy Interactive, protagonist Johnny Turbo seeks to rid cyber city Paradise of an advanced AI seeking world domination.

Influenced by Id Software's Doom and Quake, along with Apogee's Duke Nukem 3D, Turbo Overkill depicts Blade Runner-esque locations across two dozen stages and bonus arena areas. Johnnie can equip himself with Twin Magnums, the Boomer Shotgun and its attached grenade launcher, and the Telefragger teleportation sniper rifle.

73 handpicked music tracks from the score are now available through Bandcamp. Turbo Overkill (Selections from the Original Game Soundtrack) is composed by Nikola Nikita Jeremic, Chipper Hammond and Tim Stoney, also available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music. Album art is by Jeron Moore and Aaron Griffin.

From the product page:
Heavily inspired by some of the all-time greats like Id's Doom & Quake, and Apogee's Duke Nukem 3D, with stunning cyberpunk visuals, Turbo Overkill is the most savage FPS ever released by Apogee. You play as Johnny Turbo, augmented with hidden arm rockets and a chainsaw that extends from your lower leg allowing you to slide-slice enemies wide open.
YouTube Music - Turbo Overkill (Selections from the Original Game Soundtrack)