Dino Crisis 2 digital soundtrack published through Steam

Jerry on 2021-05-09
Capcom has published the digital soundtrack for Dino Crisis 2 through Steam. The survival horror title debuted on the Sony PlayStation console in 2000.

Working with Capcom Production Studio 4, Dino Crisis 2 was produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi and directed by Ace Attorney series scenario writer Shu Takumi. This time the story shifts perspectives between weapons expert Regina, the protagonist of the previous title, and her US Army special forces cohort Dylan Morton.

The 66-track soundtrack, composed by Makoto Tomozawa, Sayaka Fujita, and Akari Kaida, can be purchased in MP3, AAC and FLAC file formats, and is streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited. Other Capcom soundtracks available through Steam include Dino Crisis, Resident Evil Village and Breath of Fire IV.

Steam - Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack