June 09, 2023

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Jerry on 2023-06-04

Vertigo Games unveils The 7th Guest VR for Meta Quest & SteamVR

The 7th Guest VR announced by Vertigo Games for Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2, and SteamVR, featuring music by Jonathan van den Wijngaarden.

Jerry on 2023-05-18

Firmament Original Soundtrack by Maclaine Diemer debuts on Steam

Cyan Worlds' puzzle-adventure game Firmament arrives today for Windows and MacOS, both for monitors and VR headsets, via Steam and GOG.

Jerry on 2023-05-15

Humanity Original Soundtrack published through Bandcamp

Humanity Original Soundtrack album by Jemapur of Nagano, Japan from the puzzle game by Enhance published through Bandcamp and Steam.

Jerry on 2023-05-01

Tetris Effect soundtrack expanded on Spotify and Apple Music

Enhance Games expands Tetris Effect soundtrack to two volumes, including new content coinciding with the PS5 and PlayStation VR2 launch.

Jerry on 2023-04-27

Fantavision 202x arrives on Windows through Steam

Fantavision, Futarino Fantavision, and Fantavision 202x soundtracks by Soichi Terada now playing on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2023-04-17

Walkabout Mini Golf in development for PlayStation VR2

Published by Mighty Coconut, VR-exclusive Walkabout Mini Golf digital soundtrack by Chris Reyman, available for streaming on Spotify.

Britt on 2023-04-04

Call of the Sea VR launches for Meta Quest on April 13th

Call of the Sea VR for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets launches on April 13th, featuring soundtrack composed by Eduardo de la Iglesia.

Jerry on 2023-03-27

Tentacular VR soundtrack premieres on Bandcamp

Developed by Firepunchd Games, Tentacular VR soundtrack composed by Almut Schwacke debuts on Bandcamp and Steam.

Jerry on 2023-03-24

Chess Ultra by Ripstone included in PlayStation Plus Extra service

Ripstone's Chess Ultra for PlayStation 4, with PlayStation VR compatibility, included in the PlayStation Plus Extra subscription service.

Jerry on 2023-03-24

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery announced for VR platforms

Record label iam8bit pressed Behind the Frame vinyl soundtrack by Yuchain Wang and Sung Yueh Chou, currently available for preorder.

Jerry on 2023-03-18

Wired Productions publishes The Falconeer double vinyl soundtrack

Featuring music by Benedict Nichols, Wired Productions' The Falconeer double vinyl soundtrack ships from Black Screen Records in Europe.

Jerry on 2023-03-14

Horizon Call of the Mountain soundtrack arrives on streaming platforms

Guerilla Games' Horizon Call of the Mountain soundtrack composed by Alistair Kerley and Frankie Harper arrives on streaming platforms.

Jerry on 2023-02-25

Superhot commemorates seven years of release

Digital soundtrack for VR-compatible first-person shooter Superhot: Mind Control Delete by Zardonic streaming on Spotify.

Jerry on 2023-02-23

Resident Evil Village ported to PlayStation VR2 as free DLC

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the horror game franchise, Laced Records published the Resident Evil Village double vinyl soundtrack.

Jerry on 2023-02-22

Rez Infinite arrives on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2

Musical rail shooter Rez Infinite developed by Enhance Games arrives on PlayStation 5 with PlayStation VR2 compatibility.

Jerry on 2023-02-13

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner turns 20 today

Konami's Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner turns 20 today, currently available for PlayStation 4 and Windows through Steam.

Jerry on 2023-02-08

The Tale of Onogoro for PlayStation VR2 launches February 22nd

Developed by AMATA K.K., action-adventure game The Tale of Onogoro scheduled for launch on PlayStation VR2 on February 22nd.

Jerry on 2023-02-07

The Last Clockwinder arrives on PlayStation VR2 on February 22nd

The Last Clockwinder soundtrack by composer Joel Corelitz, from the SteamVR and Oculus Quest 2 title, on the musician's Bandcamp page.

Jerry on 2023-02-05

PS VR2 update for Gran Turismo 7 launches alongside VR Showroom

Find Your Line: Official Music from Gran Turismo 7 currently available for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2023-02-05

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge due out February 22nd

Enhanced Edition of ILMxLAB's Star Wars action-adventure title scheduled for release on February 22nd for PlayStation VR2.

Jerry on 2023-01-26

Thumper slated for release on PS5 and PS VR2 on February 22nd

Rhythm game's ten-track digital soundtrack album composed by Brian Gibson available through Bandcamp and Steam, and streaming on Spotify.

Britt on 2022-12-14

Moss: Book II for PlayStation VR2 slated for release in February

Developed by Polyarc in Seattle, Moss: Book II is an action-adventure puzzle game for VR platforms, featuring music by Jason Graves.

Jerry on 2022-12-11

Moss by Polyarc announced as a launch title for PlayStation VR2

VR adventure game soundtrack by Jason Graves can be purchased on vinyl and compact disc through developer Polyarc's Bandcamp page.

Eric on 2022-07-11

Half-Life: Alyx episodic soundtrack arrives on Steam

Chapter 11 of the Half-Life: Alyx episodic soundtrack by Mike Morasky arrives on Steam, also streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2022-07-02

Serious Sam 3 Game Soundtrack on Bandcamp

Serious Sam 3 digital soundtrack, composed by Damjan Mravunac, available for purchase through Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.