The Last Clockwinder digital soundtrack debuts on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-06-02
This week, American game studio Pontoco published the VR title The Last Clockwinder for the SteamVR and Oculus Quest 2 platforms.

The Last Clockwinder challenges the player to repair an ancient clocktower. Through the use of a pair of gloves, various actions performed by the player can be transformed into looping clockwork automatons. These clones can be used to grow plants, harvest resources, and build contraptions required to get the clocktower up and running.

Music for the game is by Halo Infinite co-composer Joel Corelitz. The 28-track digital soundtrack is available for purchase through the musician's Bandcamp page. The Last Clockwinder soundtrack is also streaming via Spotify and YouTube Music.

From the product page:
The Last Clockwinder is a VR game about building contraptions out of your own clones. You are on a mission to repair an ancient clocktower built into the trunk of a colossal tree. Inside the tower, you find a pair of gloves that allow you to turn anything you do into a looping clockwork automaton. Use your automatons to grow plants, harvest resources, build wild contraptions, and find a way to save the clocktower.
Steam - The Last Clockwinder

YouTube Music - The Last Clockwinder Soundtrack