May 23, 2024

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❝In 1987, brothers Rand and Robyn Miller started a new company called Cyan, Inc. releasing a new kind of children’s software titled The Manhole. It was a simple, quirky exploration of a black & white world, with very little to get in the way of the journey. The Manhole was well received by children of all ages, and the brothers followed it with Cosmic Osmo and Spelunx – two more whimsical environments for kids to explore. Rave reviews and countless awards followed, including Best New Use of a Computer by the Software Publishers Association.

In 1991 Cyan began work on Myst. The goal: create a new kind of experience that felt more like a place than a game. There would be no dying, no shooting, no starting over, and no inventory – dramatic breaks from “traditional” gaming. Myst was about finding yourself lost in a world, exploring it to gain understanding, and ultimately becoming part of the story. The public response was nothing short of phenomenal. ❞

Jerry on 2024-05-21

Riven wishlists open on Steam, GOG, and Meta Quest

Myst developer Cyan posts first gameplay trailer for Riven modern 3D remake, featuring music by composer Robyn Miller.

Jerry on 2024-05-16

Firmament soundtrack composed by Maclaine Diemer pressed on vinyl

Developed by Cyan Worlds Inc, puzzle-adventure game Firmament available for Windows and Mac, verified for use with the Steam Deck.

Jerry on 2022-02-16

Myst remastered soundtrack streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music

Remastered digital soundtrack by Myst composer Robyn Miller includes three previously unreleased Myst VR demo tracks.