Resident Evil 7: Biohazard vinyl soundtrack published by Laced Records

Jerry on 2021-03-31
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the horror game franchise, Laced Records of London has published the Resident Evil 7 vinyl soundtrack album, pressed to audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180-gram black discs.

The four-disc analog record set features 81 music tracks composed by Brian D'Oliveira (Shadow of the Tomb Raider), Cris Velasco (Darksiders), and Miwako Chinone (Monster Hunter Explore), in addition to Satoshi Hori, Akiyuki Morimoto, Michael A. Levine and Jordan Reyne.

The vinyl release includes the folk song "Go Tell Aunt Rhody," specially arranged for the first-person thriller. Sleeve artwork is contributed by Capcom and Boris Moncel of Blackmane Design. The album ships through distributors Black Screen Records of Cologne, Light in the Attic in Seattle, and PixelCrib in Melbourne.

The digital soundtrack for the VR-compatible title is available for purchase through Steam and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. A 35-track excerpted "Best Track Collection" is also available through Apple Music.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is part of the PlayStation Plus Collection for the PlayStation 5 console, and also available for PS4, Xbox One and for Windows through Steam.

From the product page:
A soundtrack for such a terrifying game franchise should itself be frightening—and the music of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard goes above and beyond in that respect. The eerie atmosphere and dissonant strings of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” feel gothic and dystopian, while “Kill or Be Killed” truly strikes fear with a cacophony of string glissandos, whispers, and moans. “Saferoom” is a rare moment of solace, relying on distorted guitars and echoes to secure a peaceful moment. However, as is always true in Resident Evil games, those moments never last.
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