July 22, 2024

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Jerry on 2024-06-13

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix for Windows debuts on Steam

High-definition action role-playing game compilation Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix for Windows available through Steam.

Jerry on 2024-06-07

Sonic X Shadow Generations slated for release in October

Sega's Sonic X Shadow Generations scheduled for release on October 25th for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles.

Jerry on 2024-05-21

Watch Dogs for PS4 joins the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Watch Dogs Original Game Soundtrack by composer Brian Reitzell streaming on Spotify and the Ubisoft Music YouTube channel.

Jerry on 2024-05-16

Wayô presses El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron vinyl soundtrack

Developed by Crim, the HD Remaster port of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron debuts on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Jerry on 2024-05-02

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition joins Xbox Game Pass

Additional Music playlist from developer Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider is streaming on composer Jason Graves' SoundCloud channel.

Jerry on 2024-03-30

Bandai Namco publishes Tekken Revolution Soundtrack through Spotify

Bandai Namco Game Music publishes Tekken Revolution Soundtrack from the free-to-play fighting game for PlayStation 3, streaming on Spotify.

Jerry on 2024-03-18

Yakuza 4 commemorates 14th anniversary of release

Yakuza 4 soundtrack album Volumes 1 & 2 by Sega Sound Team published by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Jerry on 2024-03-01

Bandai Namco publishes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 digital soundtracks

Laced Records opens preorders for four-disc Tekken Tag Tournament 2 vinyl soundtrack album, estimated to ship in June of 2022.

Jerry on 2024-03-01

The Last of Us Vinyl Box Set planned for release in June

Preorders open for "The Last of Us 10th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set" by Gustavo Santaolalla at Milan Records and the PlayStation Gear Store.

Jerry on 2024-02-14

Tales of Zestiria joins PlayStation Plus Extra on February 20th

Tales of Zestiria digital soundtrack by Go Shiina and Motoi Sakuraba premieres on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2024-01-28

Resonance of Fate six-volume soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Resonance of Fate by tri-Ace features six-volume soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba and Kohei Tanaka, streaming on Spotify.

Jerry on 2024-01-26

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection soundtrack published through Spotify

London-based publisher presses triple vinyl soundtrack featuring music from Tekken 5 and the Dark Resurrection update.

Jerry on 2024-01-05

Data Discs opens preorders for NiGHTS into dreams... vinyl

Published by Sega, the three-volume NiGHTS into dreams... Perfect Album is available for streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2023-12-08

The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky the 3rd vinyl preorders open

Preorders open for The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky the 3rd vinyl soundtrack published by Streaming Arrow Records.

Jerry on 2023-12-04

Siren: New Translation Original Soundtrack published by Sony

Siren: New Translation Original Soundtrack by Hitomi Shimizu, from the episodic horror title for PS3, now playing on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2023-10-31

Costume Quest soundtrack commemorates ten years on Bandcamp

Costume Quest 1 & 2 party-based role-playing game scores by composer Peter McConnell on developer Double Fine's Bandcamp page.

Jerry on 2023-10-29

Sony publishes Everybody's Golf 6 soundtrack, streaming on Spotify

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational PlayStation Vita soundtrack, composed by Hidehiro Kawai, now playing on Spotify.

Jerry on 2023-10-21

Galaga Legions DX Original Soundtrack published through Spotify

Namco Legendary album series installment "Galaga Legions&Galaga Legions DX" Original Soundtrack now playing on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2023-10-17

Bayonetta Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set orders open at Fangamer

Four-disc Bayonetta Vinyl Soundtrack published by record label Wayô Records in France, bundled with twenty-page illustrated booklet.

Jerry on 2023-10-11

Journey soundtrack vinyl (10th Anniversary Edition) reprinted by iam8bit

iam8bit opens orders for reprint of Journey double vinyl soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, 10th Anniversary Edition.

Jerry on 2023-10-09

Rain Original Soundtrack commemorates ten years of release

Rain Original Soundtrack, composed by "Biohazard: Infinite Darkness" composer Yugo Kanno, commemorates ten years of release.

Jerry on 2023-09-20

Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K Remaster joins PlayStation Plus Premium

Star Ocean: The Last Hope digital soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba now playing on Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2023-09-19

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir joins PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Vanillaware's 2D action role-playing game Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir for PlayStation 4 joins PlayStation Plus Extra catalog.

Jerry on 2023-08-29

Pac-Man Championship Edition Soundtracks debuts on Spotify

Music from Bandai Namco Games' Pac-Man Championship Edition 1, 2, & DX streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2023-08-24

Bastion vinyl soundtrack reprint ships from iam8bit

Bastion vinyl soundtrack features music from the action role-playing game composed by Darren Korb, featuring vocals by Ashley Barrett.