Noby Noby Boy vinyl soundtrack stretches onto Fangamer catalog

Jerry on 2021-03-19
Tucson-based publisher Fangamer has pressed the Noby Noby Boy vinyl soundtrack. The two-disc analog record set contains sixteen pieces from the game, selected by Katamari Damacy designer Keita Takahashi and decorated with his cover art.

Noby Noby Boy debuted in 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and was later ported to iOS devices. Selected tracks appearing on the physical release include "The Theme of Noby Noby Boy" by Yuu Miyake, "The Theme of Noby Noby Girl" by Ryo Watanabe, "Noby Noby Conga" by Taku Inoue, and "Manual Metro Cross" by Nobuyuki Ohnogi.

The two-part "NobiTunes 0-----0 Noby Noby Boy" digital album by Namco Sounds is available for streaming in Japan.

Fangamer - Noby Noby Boy Vinyl Soundtrack

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