September 23, 2023

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Jerry on 2023-08-31

Ultros first-look trailer previews exploration-based gameplay

Exploration-based sidescrolling adventure game Ultros, developed by Hadoque, features El Huervo art and music by Ratvader.

Jerry on 2023-08-31

Exoprimal Original Soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Exoprimal Original Soundtrack album now playing on Spotify, featuring music from Capcom's online, team-based action game.

Jerry on 2023-08-30

River City: Rival Showdown scheduled for release on October 12th

Soundtrack from Nintendo 3DS remake Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP streaming on Spotify, courtesy of publisher Arc System Works.

Jerry on 2023-08-30

Preorders open for Strayed Lights double vinyl by Austin Wintory

Digital soundtrack from atmospheric action-adventure game Strayed Lights published through Austin Wintory Bandcamp page and through Steam.

Jerry on 2023-08-30

Atlus publishes Shin Megami Tensei III piano and additional battle tracks

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster piano arrangements performed by Duke of Pianeet streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2023-08-30

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition coming to PS5 and PS VR2

Digital soundtrack for VR exploration title Paper Beast by Bristol-based composer Roly Porter and alternative punk trio TsuShiMaMiRe on Bandcamp.

Jerry on 2023-08-29

Pac-Man Championship Edition Soundtracks debuts on Spotify

Music from Bandai Namco Games' Pac-Man Championship Edition 1, 2, & DX streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Britt on 2023-08-29

Sea of Stars Original Soundtrack published through Steam

Sabotage Studio's Sea of Stars features music by Eric W. Brown, along with contributions by guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Jerry on 2023-08-28

Tin Hearts currently in development for VR platforms

Wired Productions published whimsical puzzle adventure game Tin Hearts for consoles and Steam, set to music composed by Matthew Chastney.

Jerry on 2023-08-26

Star Ocean: The Second Story R soundtrack due out November 8th

2.5D aesthetic remake Star Ocean: The Second Story R in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation consoles, and Windows.

Britt on 2023-08-26

The Plucky Squire planned for release in 2024

The Plucky Squire is an upcoming platformer with both 2D and 3D segments that follows the magical adventures of storybook characters.

Jerry on 2023-08-24

Soul Hackers 2 digital soundtrack streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited

Soul Hackers 2 digital soundtrack album by Monaca now available for streaming on YouTube Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2023-08-24

Bastion vinyl soundtrack reprint ships from iam8bit

Bastion vinyl soundtrack features music from the action role-playing game composed by Darren Korb, featuring vocals by Ashley Barrett.

Britt on 2023-08-24

Syberia: The World Before Collector's Edition announced for PS4

Microids to publish Syberia: The World Before Collector's Edition for PS4 on October 12th, bundled with digital soundtrack by Inon Zur.

Jerry on 2023-08-23

Nightdive Studios announces Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

Nightdive Studios announces remastered edition for Windows and consoles of LucasArts first-person shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Jerry on 2023-08-23

Mondo opens preorders for Marvel's Midnight Suns vinyl soundtrack

Preorders open ay record label Mondo in Austin for Marvel's Midnight Suns vinyl soundtrack, composed by Tim Wynn and Phill Boucher.

Jerry on 2023-08-23

Persona 3 Reload scheduled for release on February 2nd

Developed by Atlus, Persona 3 Reload Digital Deluxe Edition launches February 2nd with the 60-track digital soundtrack.

Jerry on 2023-08-22

Oninaki commemorates four-year anniversary of launch

Published by Square Enix, Tokyo RPG Factory's Oninaki features music by Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abounnasr.

Jerry on 2023-08-21

Preorders open for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon Collector's Edition

Bandai Namco Games' Armored Core VI Collector's Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X ships with a 40-page hardcover artbook and digital soundtrack.

Jerry on 2023-08-19

Shadow Complex commemorates 14th anniversary of launch

Shadow Complex Original Score, from the sidescrolling Metroidvania title developed by ChAIR, composed by Josh Aker and Isreal Curtis.

Jerry on 2023-08-19

Payday 2 Official Soundtrack, Vol. 2 now on streaming platforms

Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Payday 2, Official Soundtrack Vol. 2 by Simon Viklund published through Spotify and YouTube Music.

Jerry on 2023-08-17

Shinobi non Grata launches for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Developed by Studio Pico, sprite-based platformer Shinobi non Grata Special Limited Edition ships from Strictly Limited with soundtrack CD by hydden.

Jerry on 2023-08-15

Dolphin Spirit, Ocean Mission game soundtrack published through Spotify

Studio Magic Pockets' educational adventure game soundtrack, composed by Jong, published by Microids Records through Spotify and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2023-08-10

Laced Records presses Quake II Deluxe Double Vinyl

Laced Records presses Quake II deluxe double vinyl soundtrack, available for preorder in standard black or limited edition red and orange LPs.

Jerry on 2023-08-10

The King of Fighters XIII Global Match Deluxe Edition preorders open

Distributor Pix'n Love opens preorders for The King of Fighters XIII Global Match Deluxe Edition, bundled with original soundtrack and digifile.