Over Horizon x Steel Empire to launch for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Jerry on 2024-07-04
Over Horizon x Steel Empire is slated for release on July 18th for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, published by ININ Games. The compilation contains shoot-em-ups Over Horizon (1991), Steel Empire (1992) and Steel Empire (2004).

Developed by HOT-B, Over Horizon launched in Japan and PAL territories for the Nintendo Famicom and NES consoles. Music for the science fiction sidescrolling shoot-em-up is composed by Masaharu Iwata.

Steel Empire is set in an "Age of Steel" dominated by limitless steam engine technology. Developed by Hot-B under lead game designer Yoshinori Satake, the steampunk-themed sidescrolling shoot-em-up depicts a fantasy vision of the 19th century, spanning seven intricately designed stages and high energy boss fights.

Music for the game is by Noriyuki Iwadare, Yoshiaki Kubotera, and Isao Mizoguchi. Steel Empire for 3DS Original Soundtrack is streaming on Spotify, arranged by Katsutoshi Hasegawa. The Mega Drive soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music and YouTube Music, published by Clarice Disc.

From the product page:
In Over Horizon, you and your trusty spaceship will traverse a number of bizarre worlds. With three different weapons which you can upgrade and combine any way you want, you will face the massive bosses and various enemies that will come your way.

Also, relive gaming history and fire up your engines on some of the most important classic shmups – fully playable on modern platforms. Set in a Steam Punk-centered world, Steel Empire lets you choose between the Striker Airplane or the Zeppelin equipped with an areal mine launcher to fight back against the Motorhead Empire's invasion.
Steel Empire Mega Drive Soundtrack - Apple Music / YouTube Music