April 25, 2024

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❝Inaba - A quiet town in rural Japan. A normal teenager arrives at the station to begin his year-long stay in the countryside, only to be welcomed by the news of a dead TV announcer. Shortly after, another body appears, mysteriously hung from the top of a telephone pole. The cause of death is unknown, with no leads on the suspect... As the peaceful community is thrown into turmoil, the urban youth and his classmates wander into a strange, surreal place covered by a thick fog...❞ atlus.com

Jerry on 2024-04-04

Persona 4 Vinyl Soundtrack 4xLP restocked at publisher iam8bit

Composed by Shoji Meguro with vocals by Shihoko Hirata, Persona 4 Vinyl Soundtrack 4xLP restock orders open at 9:00 AM, Pacific at publisher iam8bit.

Jerry on 2023-12-14

iam8bit opens preorders for Persona 4 Golden vinyl soundtrack

Album composed by Shoji Meguro and Atsushi Kitajoh, featuring vocal tracks by Shihoko Hirata, streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2022-12-08

Preorders open for Persona 4: Dancing All Night vinyl soundtrack

Preorders open at iam8bit for Persona 4: Dancing All Night vinyl soundtrack and "Persona Dancing Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle."

Jerry on 2022-03-17

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax soundtrack streaming on Spotify

27-track Persona 4 Arena Ultimax digital soundtrack album streaming on Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music platforms.

Jerry on 2021-12-15

Preorders open for Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

Preorders open for the Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, shipping from distributors Black Screen Records and iam8bit Japan.

Jerry on 2021-12-11

Persona 4 vinyl soundtrack album preorders open at iam8bit

Persona 4 vinyl soundtrack album to ship in 2022 on four analog records, featuring music by composer Shoji Meguro and vocalist Shihoko Hirata.

Jerry on 2021-03-11

AT1st Persona 3 & Persona 4 Club Arrange streaming on Amazon Music

"AT1st Persona 3 & Persona 4 Club Arrange" album, featuring nine Atlus RPG club music covers, streaming on Amazon Music.

Jerry on 2021-01-18

Persona 3 & 4 Vocal Sound Selection streaming on Spotify

Shin Megami Tensei vocal tracks compilation "Persona 3 & 4 Vocal Sound Selection" streaming on Amazon Music and Spotify.

Jerry on 2021-01-03

Persona Super Live 2015 in Nippon Budokan streaming on Spotify

Recordings from the Persona Super Live 2015: Night of the Phantom concert now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jerry on 2020-12-31

Persona Music Fes 2013 in Nippon Budokan streaming on Spotify

Persona Music Fes 2013 concert DVD and Blu-Ray publication, recorded at Nippon Budokan, available for shipping domestically through CDJapan.

Jerry on 2009-06-21

Persona Music Live: Velvet Room in Akasaka Blitz pressed to DVD

Aniplex's DVD collects video recordings from the August 2008 Persona live concert "Velvet Room in Akasaka Blitz."

Jerry on 2009-06-10

Reach Out to the Truth - The Story of Persona 4's Vocal Tracks

Composer Shoji Meguro comments on how scenario and gameplay influenced the creation of the Persona 4 music score's vocal tracks.