October 04, 2022

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❝Welcome to Silent Hill. Check out this awesome merch inspired by the legendary saga. Hats, pillows, shirts and more of this spooky Konami video game are now available at the Official Konami Shop.❞ officialkonamishop.com

Jerry on 2021-08-17

Mondo announces Silent Hill 3 vinyl soundtrack publication

Silent Hill 3 double vinyl soundtrack published by Mondo of Austin goes on sale on Wednesday at noon, featuring music by composer Akira Yamaoka.

Jerry on 2021-08-17

Silent Hill 4: The Room vinyl soundtrack published by Mondo

Publisher Mondo's Silent Hill 4 double vinyl soundtrack available for preorder through PixelCrib in Melbourne, Australia.

Jerry on 2021-02-24

Silent Hill 2 soundtrack streaming on Spotify & Amazon Music Unlimited

Mondo's Silent Hill 2 vinyl soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka available for shipping from Light in the Attic and HighScore Records.

Jerry on 2020-10-02

Silent Hill 4: The Room soundtrack streaming on Apple Music & Spotify

Silent Hill 4 is available for Windows operating systems through GOG.com, as part of the distributor's recent slate of classic Konami game releases.