Konami publishes Silent Hill: The Short Message Original Soundtrack

Jerry on 2024-05-13
Konami has published Silent Hill: The Short Message Original Soundtrack, composed by Akira Yamaoka. The album ships domestically from distributor CDJapan, pressed on three compact discs. Each disc is individually titled as "Whispers Begin," "Echoes of Discovery," and "Harmony of Revelation."

Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment with Hexadrive in Osaka, the short-form horror game for PlayStation 5 launched as a free download on January 31st. The first-person title situates players in the perspective of a teenage girl named Anita, as she receives a mysterious text message from her deceased friend Maya.

The digital release of the album is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. A forty-minute preview trailer is streaming on the publisher's YouTube channel.

From the product page:
Following messages from her friend Maya, Anita finds herself at a crumbling apartment block, infamous for rumors of suicides. Drawn inside, Anita soon finds her sense of reality shattered as she encounters bizarre, otherworldly spaces, haunted by a twisted monster. Maya's message was clear…

"can't leave til you find it"

...but what is it that Anita is really looking for?

An all-new, modern SILENT HILL experience, powered by the latest in game technology, now available free to play exclusively on PlayStation 5.
YouTube Music - SILENT HILL: The Short Message (Streaming)

CDJapan - SILENT HILL: The Short Message Original Soundtrack