December 04, 2021

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Jerry on 2021-05-19

Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music

Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack, containing over one hundred music tracks from the Switch-exclusive title, streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Jerry on 2021-03-12

Capcom's Monster Hunter Jazz compilation streaming on Spotify

Capcom's "Monster Hunter Jazz" arrangements compilation available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Jerry on 2015-02-10

Capcom dims the lights for Monster Hunter Disco Remix album

Streaming on Apple Music, the compilation transports Monster Hunter's memorable orchestral themes to an unexpected 1970's nightlife setting.

Jerry on 2015-01-09

Capcom trumpets digital release of Monster Hunter Brass Quintet

Excerpts from all twelve tracks on the Monster Hunter acoustic arrangement album streaming on Capcom's SoundCloud channel.

Jerry on 2012-04-18

Monster Hunter Swing: Big Band Jazz Arrangements on Apple Music

Capcom's Monster Hunter Swing features big band jazz arrangements of Monster Hunter series music, reinterpreted by multi-instrumentalist Zac Zinger.