Capcom trumpets digital release of Monster Hunter Brass Quintet

Jerry on 2015-01-09
Capcom has posted excerpts from all twelve music tracks from the Monster Hunter Brass Quintet compilation, arranged by Tomoyuki Tsuzaki.

First pressed to compact disc by the Suleputer record label in January of 2015, the album includes acoustic renditions of music from Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS that were performed live at the Monster Hunter Festa '13 event. Arranged for trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba and percussion instruments, Quintet reinterprets original compositions by Marika Suzuki (Mega Man 11) and Miwako Chinone (Resident Evil VII).

Excerpts are streaming on SoundCloud, courtesy of Capcom. The digital album is available for streaming through Apple Music.

Capcom SoundCloud - Monster Hunter Brass Quintet
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