Rockman Utopia concept album beams onto streaming services

Jerry on 2014-12-24
The Rockman Utopia arrangement compilation, first published to compact disc by Capcom's Suleputer label in January of 2015, is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

The concept album gives upbeat technopop makeovers to stage themes from the first eight mainline Mega Man titles. Arrangements of the Elec Man, Freeze Man, Centaur Man and Clown Man themes are directed by Basiscape, the music studio previously responsible for the 25th Anniversary Mega Man Rock and Techno cover albums.

Suleputer's companion piece, Rockman Dystopia, delivers aggressive techno and hard rock covers of Mega Man X series themes. Excerpts from the albums are streaming on SoundCloud, courtesy of Capcom's Cap'stone channel. The CD release is available for purchase domestically through CDJapan.

CDJapan - Rockman Utopia CD

Apple Music - Rockman Utopia CD