Monster Hunter: World vinyl soundtrack preorders open at Laced

Jerry on 2024-03-28
Laced Records of London has opened preorders for Monster Hunter: World vinyl soundtrack, also shipping from distributors Light in the Attic in Seattle and PixelCrib in Australia.

From the melodies of Astera to the eerie grooves of the Rotten Vale's "Murmurs from the Land Forbidden," Monster Hunter: World spans a variety of environmental themes. The six-disc boxset, mastered by Joe Caithness, includes 83 specially-remastered tracks from the 2018 action role-playing game.

A deluxe double vinyl edition is also available for preorder, selecting 20 essential tracks. Music is composed by Tadayoshi Makino, Akihiko Narita, Yuko Komiyama, Masato Kouda, and Zhenlan Kang. Sleeve art is by the Monster Hunter team, with shipping is planned for August.

Capcom's record label Suleputer published the soundtrack from the base game on three compact discs back in 2018. Monster Hunter: World Iceborn Original Soundtrack from the 2019 expansion ships domestically from distributors CDJapan. The Monster Hunter: World and Iceborn Original Soundtracks are streaming on Spotify.

Monster Hunter: World is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows through Steam. "The Making of Monster Hunter: World" behind-the-scenes can be viewed on the Capcom YouTube channel.

From the product page:
As a hunter, you'll take on quests to hunt monsters in a variety of habitats. Take down these monsters and receive materials that you can use to create stronger weapons and armor in order to hunt even more dangerous monsters. In Monster Hunter: World, the latest installment in the series, you can enjoy the ultimate hunting experience, using everything at your disposal to hunt monsters in a new world teeming with surprises and excitement.
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