June 05, 2023

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❝TheYetee.com is a website owned and operated by two artists— Mike and Glen. Both equal in amazing beards and their passion for awesome hi-quality screen printed t-shirts for low low prices.❞ theyetee.com

Jerry on 2022-03-25

Mercenary Kings soundtrack pressed on tropical sunburst vinyl

Publisher The Yetee presses Tribute Games' Mercenary Kings soundtrack on vinyl, featuring music composed by Patrice Bourgeault.

Jerry on 2021-08-27

Magic Castle vinyl soundtrack published by The Yetee

The Yetee opens orders for vinyl soundtrack for KAIGA's PlayStation rogue-lite Magic Castle, composed by Soshi Hosoi.

Jerry on 2021-04-13

Curses N Chaos vinyl soundtrack ships from The Yetee

The Curses N Chaos vinyl soundtrack composed by Patrice Bourgeault ships from The Yetee in Illinois and Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Jerry on 2021-04-09

Crossy Road Castle vinyl soundtrack ships from The Yetee

Crossy Road Castle vinyl soundtrack by Calum Bowen and Max Coburn open for preorders from The Yetee and distributor Black Screen Records.

Jerry on 2020-11-24

Flinthook vinyl soundtrack latches onto The Yetee catalog

The Yetee's limited edition vinyl soundtrack for composer Patrice Bourgeault's Flinthook soundtrack features album art by Stéphane Boutin.

Jerry on 2016-03-03

Poly Bridge soundtrack by Adrian Talens pressed to seafoam green vinyl

12-inch vinyl soundtrack on translucent seafoam aqua wax features music from the bridge construction simulator, composed by Adrian Talens.