Crossy Road Castle vinyl soundtrack ships from The Yetee

Jerry on 2021-04-09
Made in Aurora, Illinois, the Crossy Road Castle vinyl soundtrack is available for shipping from The Yetee.

Crossy Road Castle for Mac and iOS devices is by Matt Hall and Andy Sum of Australian studio Hipster Whale. The digital soundtrack for the cooperative arcade platformer is available for purchase on the Bandcamp sites run by composers Calum Bowen and Max Coburn. Excerpts are on The Yetee SoundCloud channel.

Cover art for the analog records release is by Pixel Eye Bat. Packaging design and mastering for vinyl is by Marc Junker (aka R23X). Available for shipping throughout Europe, Black Screen Records' exclusive blue and black variant is available for preorder from Cologne.

From the product page:
Get ready to climb and hop your way to the tippity top with Crossy Road Castle by Calum Bowen & Max Coburn. Available on Tower Rush Splatter vinyl, the soundtrack to Hipster Whale's chaotic co-op platformer Crossy Road Castle is here to take you on an ascendent journey of spikey traps, disappearing platforms, and more coins than you could ever count...
The Yetee - Crossy Road Castle Vinyl

Black Screen Records - Blue/Black Variant