Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2022-09-28
The soundtrack for the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is now streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited. The physical release of the album ships on three compact discs from distributors CDJapan and Play-Asia.

Capcom's record label Suleputer published an "Extra Tracks" digital EP with music from the previous expansion, back when the 3.0 update content launched. "Extra Tracks II" followed in March of this year.

An interview with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak composers Satoshi Hori and Mana Ogura can be read on the publisher's website. A making-of video can be viewed on YouTube.

From the product page:
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion The world of Monster Hunter Rise gets bigger and deeper with this massive expansion featuring new monsters, new locales and more! Renowned as the "Fierce Flame of Kamura” since the events of Monster Hunter Rise, you must set sail to uncover the cause of a terrible threat facing a kingdom across the sea...
Capcom - Behind the Sound of Sunbreak – Interview with the Composers

CDJapan - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Original Soundtrack CD

Play-Asia - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Original Soundtrack CD

YouTube Music - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Original Soundtrack (Streaming)