December 04, 2022
Jerry on 2022-11-26

Super Lone Survivor soundtrack by Jasper Byrne debuts on Bandcamp

Jasper Byrne's soundtrack from Super Lone Survivor, available for Windows and Nintendo Switch, debuts on Bandcamp.

Jerry on 2022-11-26

R-Type Final 2 Homage Stage Soundtrack Volumes on Spotify

Granzella publishes three-volume R-Type Final 2 Homage Stage Soundtrack, streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2022-11-25

Another World score by Jean-François Freitas reprinted on vinyl

Black Screen Records of Cologne, Germany presses Another World soundtrack reprint by Jean-François Freitas on vinyl and compact disc.

Jerry on 2022-11-25

Radiant Melodies: Final Fantasy VII album scheduled for release in February

Radiant Melodies: Final Fantasy VII album, featuring ten arrangements on compact disc, slated for release in Japan on February 1st, 2023.

Jerry on 2022-11-24

X'mas Collections album series arrives at 12-year anniversary

Today is the 12-year anniversary of the release of yuletide-themed arrangement compilation "X'mas Collections: Music from Square Enix."

Jerry on 2022-11-23

Tales of the Rays smartphone app soundtrack now playing on Spotify

Digital soundtrack for Bandai Namco smartphone app Tales of the Rays now playing on Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2022-11-23

Starward Industries posts The Invincible music preview by Brunon Lubas

Developer Starward Industries posts music preview for first-person retro-future thriller The Invincible, composed by Brunon Lubas.

Jerry on 2022-11-23

Final Fantasy XIV arrangement album Sanctuary's Heart on YouTube

A DJ Mix video overseen by music producer tofubeats premiered this morning on YouTube, with video animation and illustration by Oswaldo KATO.

Jerry on 2022-11-21

Prodeus game soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult on Bandcamp

Game soundtrack for old school first-person shooter Prodeus, composed by Andrew Hulshult, available for purchase through Bandcamp.

Jerry on 2022-11-20

Arcade Archives Metal Black arrives on Switch and PS4

Zuntata's arrangement album "Metal Black -The First," based on the Taito game score, now playing on Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify.

Jerry on 2022-11-19

Zelda Twilight Princess commemorates 16th anniversary of release

Record label Nippon Columbia's The Legend Of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert album includes a Twilight Princess Medley.

Jerry on 2022-11-19

Minecraft Volume Beta vinyl restocked at Black Screen Records

Ghostly reopens orders for Minecraft Volume Beta CD by C418, with vinyl release shipping from distributor Black Screen Records in Europe.

Jerry on 2022-11-18

iam8bit opens preorders for Bugsnax vinyl soundtrack

The Black Friday Bonanza by iam8bit kicks off by opening preorders for Bugsnax vinyl soundtrack, composed by Seth Parker of Young Horses.

Jerry on 2022-11-18

Raiden III x Mikado Maniax launches in February in Japan

Raiden III x Mikado Maniax by Moss due out February 23rd in Japan for Xbox One and Series X|S, PS4 and PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Jerry on 2022-11-17

Wave Master to publish Elemental Master soundtrack CD in December

Wave Master to publish Elemental Master soundtrack CD, composed by Toshiharu Yamanishi, on December 14th in Japan.