UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves soundtrack pressed on vinyl

Jerry on 2024-04-22
Microids Records' UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves vinyl soundtrack features music composed by Marcin Przybylowicz and Magda Urbańska.

Developed by Endroad, the action-adventure game is based on the manga created by Go Nagai in 1975 and the associated animated television series, incorporating familiar protagonists, antagonists and locations. Multiple phases span the brawler, third-person shooter, and shmup gameplay genres.

UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves is currently available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, along with Windows through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. The digital soundtrack is on Steam, with streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

From the product page:
Get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure with Grendizer, the famous giant robot. This action/adventure game adapted from the cult animated series will immerse you in the heart of the universe of its creator, Go Nagai, and will give you the chance to pilot the most powerful robot and fight the forces of evil.

After Planet Fleed is destroyed by the Empire of Vega, Daisuke takes refuge on our planet. Taken in and adopted by Genzo Umon, he lives at the Shirakaba Farm. While Vega's invasion of Earth is imminent, Daisuke will defend the planet Earth with the help of Grendizer, the titanic robot hidden deep inside Genzo Umon's observatory. With the help of Kôji Kabuto, the prince of Planet Fleed will constantly repel Vegas' attacks and fight his terrible robots, the Monstronefs, which were sent to destroy him.
Microids Records - Ufo Robot Grendizer - The Feast of the Wolves Vinyl Soundtrack

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