January 27, 2022

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❝As a composer and sound designer I’m exploring the dynamic relationship between sound and image as a means to revealing new stories and emotional experiences.

I enjoy being part of cross-disciplinary working environments aiming at reaching new heights in audio-visual expression. My work is often characterized by blurring the dividing line between music and sound design, and while I cover the whole spectrum I’m also collaborating with other composers and sound designers in creating unified sound worlds.

For a project to stand out I believe it should have a unique and distinctive sonic identity, and I like to dig down deep, through extensive experimentation and research, to discover what that sound might be. ❞ martinstigandersen.com

Britt on 2022-01-02

Control vinyl soundtrack ships from PixelCrib in Australia

Publisher Laced Records' vinyl soundtrack publication featuring music from Control ships from distributor PixelCrib in Melbourne, Australia.

Jerry on 2012-07-26

Martin Stig Andersen on Limbo's Soundtrack

Martin Stig Andersen's soundscape for Limbo received Interactive Achievement Award for sound design from Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.