June 09, 2023

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❝Game development is innovation in motion -- Mastering old crafts, and developing new ones simultaneously.❞ arcsystemworks.com

Jerry on 2023-04-25

River City Ransom commemorates 34th anniversary of release

Soundtrack from Nintendo 3DS remake Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP streaming on Spotify, courtesy of publisher Arc System Works.

Jerry on 2022-05-26

Guilty Gear Strive's Necessary Discrepancy arrives on Apple Music

Guilty Gear Strive fighting game soundtrack "Necessary Discrepancy" arrives on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited streaming services.

Jerry on 2021-12-28

Guilty Gear Sound Complete Box compilation streaming on Spotify

Preorders for the Guilty Gear double vinyl soundtrack, composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, open on January 3rd, 2022 at Channel 3 Records.

Jerry on 2021-03-25

Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler scores on Apple Music

Four soundtracks from Arc System Works' Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle streaming on Apple Music and Amazon Music.