Dave the Diver Original Soundtrack album premieres on Spotify

Jerry on 2024-04-16
Developed by Mintrocket, Dave the Diver debuts today on PS4 and PlayStation 5, available for PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers.

The casual single-player adventure game combines deep-sea exploration by day beneath the mysterious Blue Hole ocean, home to over 200 species of fish, and sushi restaurant management by night. The Digital Extra Expansion Pack on Steam includes a unique boat skin, art book, and 54-track album.

Music for the game is by D'Anthoni Wooten and Jukio Kallio, with Neo Sound, Yoo Jongho, Stephen Mo, Hansol Kim, and Necord. The full game score is streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music. A developer commentary video by Jaeho Hwang and Nolan King can be viewed on the Game Maker's Notebook Podcast by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, hosted by Adam Orth.

Dave the Diver is also available for Nintendo Switch, along with Windows and Mac through Steam. The Anniversary Edition physical release for Switch is due out on May 30th, published by Arc System Works.

From the product page:
DAVE THE DIVER is a casual, single-player adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing during the day and sushi restaurant management at night. Join Dave and his quirky friends as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole.
YouTube Music - Dave the Diver Original Soundtrack