February 01, 2023

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❝Benyamin Nuss was born in Bergisch-Gladbach on the twentieth of June 1989. At the age of six he began piano lessons. He was inspired and encouraged by his father, the trombonist Ludwig Nuss, an internationally renowned jazz musicians. Not only did Benyamin grow up with music from different genres, he really made classical music and jazz his passion. Inspired by Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum from Children’s Corner, he began at the age of ten to study the composer Claude Debussy, and soon after the works of Maurice Ravel.❞ wayorecords.net/wayo/benyamin-nuss

Jerry on 2022-10-31

Final Fantasy X concert album Fleeting Symphony now on Spotify

Two-disc, crystal blue vinyl release for "Fleeting Symphony" concert album ships from French publisher Wayô Records.

Jerry on 2022-01-07

Across the Worlds: Chrono Cross arrangements ship on vinyl and CD

Across the Worlds piano arrangement album, published by Wayô Records, commemorates the 20th anniversary of Chrono Cross.

Jerry on 2021-04-04

Twelve Doors: Tribute to Noriyuki Iwadare vinyl ships from Wayô Records

Wayô Records' "Twelve Doors: Tribute to Noriyuki Iwadare" streaming on Spotify and available for shipping on vinyl and compact disc.

Jerry on 2021-03-28

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy VII on Bandcamp

Orchestral album "Distant Worlds and A New World Collections: Music from Final Fantasy VII" is available for purchase through Bandcamp.