April 25, 2024

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❝Akupara Games is a (mostly) Los Angeles-based collective of game industry veterans with extensive experience in development for games, alongside young rising stars of the field. Together, we temper experience with forward-thinking vision, allowing us to be on the forefront of industry trends and opportunities while maintaining a strong respect for the history and process of getting games made.❞ akuparagames.com

Jerry on 2023-11-03

Rain World double vinyl soundtrack reprint preorders open

Rain World digital soundtrack, from the independently developed survival platformer, published through Bandcamp and Steam.

Jerry on 2023-11-03

Preorders open for Rain World: Downpour vinyl soundtrack

Rain World: Downpour digital soundtrack album hosted on Steam and Bandcamp, and streaming on Spotify.

Jerry on 2023-09-19

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery premieres on VR platforms

Record label iam8bit pressed Behind the Frame vinyl soundtrack by Yuchain Wang and Sung Yueh Chou, currently available for preorder.

Jerry on 2023-01-23

Rain World: Alphas, Gems and Junk published through Bandcamp

"Rain World: Alphas, Gems and Junk" album, featuring music by James Primate from early builds of the survival platformer, previewed on YouTube.

Jerry on 2023-01-10

Rain World: Ambients and Instrumentals album previewed on YouTube

Rain World: Ambients and Instrumentals album by James Primate previewed on YouTube, courtesy of Black Screen Records in Europe.

Jerry on 2021-05-13

Preorders open for iam8bit's Manifold Garden vinyl soundtrack

Double vinyl soundtrack album preorders open at iam8bit for first-person puzzle game Manifold Garden.