Wave Master publishes Thunder Force I & II soundtrack CD

Jerry on 2022-01-24
Sega's record label Wave Master will publish "Technosoft Music Collection: Thunder Force I & II" on two compact discs on February 24th in Japan.

Developed by Kotori Yoshimura at Technosoft, free-roaming shoot-em-up Thunder Force debuted in 1983 for the X1 personal computer. Thunder Force II followed in 1988, retaining free-directional scrolling stages and adding horizontal-scrolling "side-view" segments. A Sega Master system port launched the following year, alongside a Sega Genesis localization in North America.

Music for Thunder Force II is by series co-composer Tomomi Otani. Sega Ages: Thunder Force AC, an arcade port of Thunder Force III, is available for Nintendo Switch. Wave Master's Thunder Force IV soundtrack CD ships from CDJapan. Remastered music tracks "Metal Squad," "The Sky Line," and "Strike Out" are streaming on the Data Discs' SoundCloud channel.

From the product page:
This soundtrack includes not only the regular background tracks, but also a large number of unused tracks on two CDs, all newly recorded digitally from the actual Mega Drive. And the highlight of the album, the Special Bonus Track on [Disc-II: M13], features a 12-minute medley consisting of 12 songs by famous arranger Kei Takanishi, entitled "Thunder Force IV - Super Arr Ver-". Comes with a booklet including comments from former Technosoft development manager Naosuke Arai, arranger Kei Takanishi, and others.
CDJapan - Technosoft Music Collection: THUNDER FORCE IV

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