Shadow Man Remastered soundtrack published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2021-12-21
Nightdive Studios has slated Shadow Man: Remastered for release on PlayStation 4 on January 12th, along with Xbox One on January 13th, and Nintendo Switch on January 17th.

The remastered action-adventure game restores content cut from the original game published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999 for Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. The remastered edition is currently available for Windows through Steam, GOG and the Epic Store.

Shadow Man Composer Tim Haywood has published the twenty-track remastered soundtrack through Bandcamp, alongside the composer's album of new material and arrangements.

From the product page:
"Shadow Man - The Complete Works", a complete collection of Re-mastered CD Quality music from the video game Shadow Man, written, produced, and performed by Tim Haywood. Contains extracts of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and Lullaby by Brahms.
Bandcamp - Shadow Man - The Complete Works