SQ Swing a jazzy Square Enix cover compilation

Jerry on 2014-05-15
First published in May of 2014, SQ Swing brings together twelve jazzy renditions of music from classic Square Enix role-playing games. The introductory track by Taro Kuchibue, entitled "Memory of 16-bit Medley," interweave melodies from Super Famicom role-playing games Front Mission, Chrono Trigger and Treasure Hunter G.

New to the album are arrangements by RF of "Melody of Lute" from Final Fantasy IV, and "Fight! Alkaiser" from SaGa Frontier, along with a medley of Shadow, Cyan and Edgar's themes from Final Fantasy VI. In addition, the Scandinavian-inspired acoustic instrumental band Drakskip arranges "Schala's Theme" from Chrono Trigger.

From previous compilations, "Johnny C Bad" from Final Fantasy VI arranged by King Columbia originates from the Cafe SQ compilation. "Melodies Of Life" from Final Fantasy IX, arranged by the Yusuke Hirado Trio, first appeared on More SQ. "Megalomania" from Live A Live, arranged by RF, appeared previously on Rare SQ.

Swing SQ is available for purchase on compact disc through CDJapan. Excerpts from the digital edition are streaming on Ototoy, a music distribution platform based in Japan and catering to Japanese labels.

CDJapan - SQ Swing compact disc