Monster Hunter Orchestral Concert 2021 CD ships from Play-Asia

Jerry on 2022-01-29
Harmonics International held the 2021 Monster Hunter Orchestral Concert at the Bunkamura Orchestra Hall venue back in September. Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by Hirofumi Kurita, the concert selected fourteen pieces from Capcom's action role-playing game series.

The compact disc release of the orchestral recording features compositions from throughout the franchise. They include composer Reo Uratani's "Kamura's Song of Purification" from Monster Hunter Rise," Masato Kouda's "Phantom of the Deep Forest" from Monster Hunter 2, Tadayoshi Makino's "Spark of Blue" from Monster Hunter Explore, and Yuko Komiyama's "The Invading Tyrant" from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021 on compact disc is available for shipping domestically through Play-Asia and CDJapan. An eight-minute trailer can be viewed on YouTube, while brief excerpts of each track are streaming on digital music store Ototoy.

CDJapan - Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021 CD

Play-Asia - Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021 CD