Front Mission Alternative loops posted to YouTube by composer Riow Arai

Jerry on 2022-01-27
Developed by Square, realtime strategy title Front Mission Alternative launched in late 1997 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation console in Japan.

In April of 2020, composer Riow Arai uploaded a three-hour live performance of the entire music score through YouTube. Complementing the twenty year retrospective event, Arai also posted ten "prototype" demo tracks, offering a glimpse of the initial drafts of themes from the mech strategy game.

Front Mission Alternative takes place in the year 2034 and depicts a military conflict catalyzed the invasion of territory controlled by the West African States Community Union. Among the principal characters, OCU lieutenant Bruce Blakewood shares a direct connection to the story of Front Mission 1st, as his son and granddaughter feature prominently in the first franchise installment's storyline.

For enthusiasts of the electronic soundtrack, Arai recently posted one-hour loops to YouTube of seven themes from the game. Arai's music can also be heard in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, where he contributed an arrangement of Juri's theme.

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