Samorost 2 soundtrack sets forth for streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2011-11-21
The twelve-track soundtrack for Samorost 2 debuted in June of 2006. Featuring music from Amanita Design's point-and-click adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux, all music is composed by Tomáš Dvořák (aka Floex) of the Czech Republic.

Amanita designer Jakub Dvorský studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Prague and met Dvorak, an alum of the nearby Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, through a case of mistaken identity. Amanita had hired a sound designer coincidentally also named Tomas Dvorak, and the source of confusion online led Floex and Amanita to learn of each others' existence. This coincidence led to a collaboration between the two, and both sound designers named Tomas Dvorak contributed to audio on Samorost 2.

Samorost 2 soundtrack on Bandcamp

The story of Samorost 2 follows a small space gnome on a quest to recover his lost dog and return to his home planet, self-described as a "[r]elaxing and peaceful game with intuitive gameplay accessible even for non-experienced players of all ages." Floex sought to provide a suitable atmosphere for each scene of the adventure game, experimenting extensively with instrumentation, alternate melodies and rhythmic structure.

The digital album is currently available for download through Bandcamp, bundled with the game on Steam, and streaming on the Spotify platform. - Samorost 2 Soundtrack
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