Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster due out on September 8

Jerry on 2021-08-25
Publisher Square Enix has published Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster for Windows and smartphones, following the release of the original 8-bit trilogy.

The Pixel Remaster editions are presented in a sprite-based format reminiscent of the franchise's Game Boy Advance ports, while also adopting a widescreen display. Additional features include a fast-forward option, mini-maps of dungeons and towns, a music player and bestiary. Character sprite art is overseen by pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya.

A variety of musicians are participating in reinterpreting composer Nobuo Uematsu's music scores for the "Pixel Remaster" series. They include Monster Hunter series co-composers Reo Uratani, Masato Kouda and Yuko Komiyama. Square Enix sound designers Hirosato Noda and Tsuyoshi Sekito are also listed in the end credits of the remaster's first trilogy.

The digital soundtrack for the Super Famicom release of Final Fantasy IV is streaming on Spotify. The "Revival Disc" Music Blu-ray ships domestically through Play-Asia. Vinyl record "Final Fantasy IV: Song of Heroes" ships from the Square Enix store for Europe.

From the product page:
The Kingdom of Baron sent their elite airship fleet, the Red Wings, to attack the surrounding countries. Distressed by his mission, Cecil, a dark knight and captain of the Red Wings, decides to fight against the tyrannical Baron with his trusted friend and his paramour at his side. In his search for the crystals, Cecil must travel over land, under the ground, to the Land of Summons, and even to the moon. Join forces with Kain the dragoon, Rosa the white mage, Rydia the summoner, and many more skilled allies.

FFIV is the first title to introduce the dynamic "Active Time Battle" system, where time moves even during battle, giving the players an exciting sense of urgency.Thanks to the wide appeal of the game, this revolutionary system would be implemented in many future titles in the series.
Play-Asia - FINAL FANTASY IV Original Soundtrack Revival Disc Blu-ray

Square Enix store Europe - FINAL FANTASY IV: Song of Heroes Vinyl