Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Volume 2 pressed to vinyl

Jerry on 2022-04-12
Quantic Dream has published the Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Volume 2 double vinyl soundtrack, featuring music by Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard and John Paesano. Shipping starts on May 17th.

Disc A of the analog record selects electronic music by Fakhrara from Connor's storyline, orchestral themes by Sheppard from Kara's quest, and Paesano’s compositions from Markus and Jericho's missions. Disc B contains soul, techno, blues and hard rock themes from the narrative-driven game, contributed by assorted local artists.

PlayStation Europe previously uploaded a video of Sheppard playing "Kara’s theme" on cello, which can be viewed on the publisher's YouTube channel. The four-hour digital soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

Detroit: Become Human was selected for inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Collection, a library of popular PS4 titles available for PS Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 5 console. The interactive science fiction title is also available on Windows through Steam.

From the product page:
Although Kara, Connor and Markus are all androids, they are of different makes and have very different backgrounds and functions in society. To emphasize these three character arcs, we entrusted Detroit: Become Human’s original soundtrack to three composers with the aim of creating distinct musical colors fitting each character’s identity. Now you can own this unique piece of sonic art on vinyl for the first time ever.
Quantic Dream - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack Volume 2

YouTube Music - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack