Decarnation's Cauchemar & Rêve soundtracks premiere on Steam

Jerry on 2023-05-31
Sprite-based horror game Decarnation by Atelier QDB launched earlier today for Nintendo Switch and Windows through Steam.

The independent game development studio partnered with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka for contributions to the music score. In a release date announcement post, the developer commented, "Yamaoka-san has contributed 10 tracks to the Decarnation soundtrack, staying true to his signature style of haunting melodies and chilling atmosphere."

Music for the game is primarily composed Corentin Brasart. The musician's 2023 Game Audio Showreel includes footage from independently developed titles Decarnation, Night Call, and No Plan B. The single "Tout dépend de toi" by pop group fleur et bleue previously debuted through streaming platforms.

Available for purchase through Steam, the "Cauchemar" Soundtrack features eighteen music tracks by Brasart, Yamaoka, ALT236, and AL9000. Available separately, the "Rêve" Soundtrack gathers protagonist Gloria's favorite songs, curated by Fleur & Bleue.

From the product page:
Explore a haunting world, both real and metaphorical, and find the keys needed to battle inner and outer monsters. Get caught up in an intensely emotional story unfolding in a malignant, elaborate setting. Experience diverse gameplay featuring twisted puzzles, threatening creatures, lovecraftian environments, and metaphorical minigames.
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